Our Mission
Latshaw Apiaries focuses on the production and development of highly productive and well-adapted honey bees for beekeepers across the United States and strives to perfect and improve the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees through constant research and development.

Dr. Joe Latshaw
Dr. Joe Latshaw

About Us: A Beekeeping Story

With a fascination for stinging insects, Joe Latshaw began keeping bees at the age of eight.  As he grew so did his love of bees.  Joe took every opportunity to learn more about bees – tagging along with the director’s assistant at the Ohio State University’s honey bee lab, becoming the youngest apiary inspector in the state of Ohio, and even building his own instrumental insemination equipment when he was unable to afford the expensive equipment he saw in the lab at OSU.  Joe became a student at OSU where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Entomology.  His doctorate studies took Joe to Arizona State University where he focused on honey bee learning and behavioral ecology.  All the while, Joe raised and inseminated breeder queens of his own and worked towards developing strains of bees that would have the characteristics needed by today’s beekeeping operations.  Latshaw Apiaries was established in 2007.  About that time, Joe began working on a honey bee nutrition project with his dad, a research nutritionist.  A complete diet for honey bees was developed and is now made available to the beekeeping community.
Today, Latshaw Apiaries keeps Joe, Leah & Jacob all very busy. While Joe handles the field work and research, Leah takes care of packaging and selling honey to local customers.  Leah, who teaches part-time at Capital University, enjoys analyzing pollen content in honey samples from all over the world with her students.  Jacob began his own first hive of bees in 2014 and sold his very first nucleus colony later that year.  He helps arrange honey on the table at the farmers market and enjoys sampling every batch of honey harvested.


Breeder Queens

Instrumentally inseminated Italian, Carniolan, & Hybrid queens for the commercial industry... more


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Latshaw Instrument

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